Respect Leaders of Sustainable all over the world

KIANO the flip-flops are named Lilly, a 12-year-old girl who is working to de-plasticize in Thailand with respect.

Other products are also named of sustainable leaders around the world.

KIANOは、タイで脱プラスチックを訴える活動を行っている12歳の少女 Lillyさんに尊敬を込めて、ビーチサンダルをLillyと名付けています。



Natural Rubber, Plastic-Free Sole

The severity of the marine plastic problem is increasing day by day.

KIANO’s products are “NOT” made of colorful plastic sole that overflows the market.

Micro plastics often contain hazardous substances because many plastics are added or adsorbed during manufacturing.

In many cases, chemical substances are added during manufacturing, or chemical substances are adsorbed, so micro plastics often contain harmful substances. In addition, it has been pointed out that micro plastics already present in oceans around the world have been incorporated into marine ecosystems and may be contained in Flip-Flops too.

For micro plastics, it has not yet been clarified in detail how it will affect the body and reproduction of living organisms including humans.

However, it is not allowed to be optimistic about the result of the widespread incorporation of substances that do not exist in nature.

Natural rubber, like wood and leather, is biodegraded little by little by bacteria in the atmosphere.

KIANO coexists “clean and beautiful ocean friendly” and “high quality” as sustainable products.









KIANOは、持続可能な製品として、”きれいな海に優しい” と “高品質” を共存させています。


Less is More

We focus on the beauty of modeling that is simple and beautiful and has functions.

The design is centered on chic blacks that make use of the special properties of natural rubber materials, rather than the usual colorfulness made of plastic.





Good for Legs and foots

We learn the risks and evils of sports shoes and pursue optimal functions so that we can grow beautiful legs.

When we volunteered to plant trees in the Philippines. Children living in beach sandals on the countryside had beautiful legs and wore more athletic abilities than children who grew up wearing shoes in the city.

Several studies have recently shown that living near barefoot is effective for healthy foot and leg growth.

We believe in the possibility of Flip-Flops that allow you to experience a bare-foot sensation for healthy leg growth.